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塔林手冊 2.0

彙整網路戰爭規範的《塔林手冊 2.0》在日前付梓。我們針對了書目進行了初步的翻譯,希望能進一步探討本書內容所提到的各種「網路」和「戰爭」的國際公法概念。 註:翻譯貢獻者 Beatrice, Crystal, TH


Title: Recommendations for human rights based approaches to cybersecurity 標題: 關於以人權為基礎的網路安全建議   Original Chinese Translation These recommendations are a first step towards ensuring that cybersecurity policies and practices are based upon and fully consistent with human rights – effectively, that cybersecurity policies and practices are rights-respecting by design. 這些建議是作為確保網路安全政策和作法上能有效地完全以人權的根基,網路安全政策和實行措施是根據尊重人權來設計。 1.Cybersecurity policies and decision-making processes should… Read more »